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Water / Tankless Water Heaters

Could you imagine your life without a water heater? It’d be like going back to the medieval ages or roughing it in the wild. That refreshing shower or relaxing bath would become an unpleasant chore.

Shake off such dreary thoughts and call George Allen & Sons Plumbing Inc. 831-438-1335. We have the dependable skills and hard-earned experience needed to keep your water heater in proper order. We offer water heater repairs on all models, not to mention water heater installations (including natural gas, electric, and propane).

Plus, we feature tankless water heaters too!

Enjoy hot water instantly! George Allen & Sons Plumbing Inc. also offers recirculation systems and water conditioners.

Plus, we offer products and services for new construction projects, as well as assistance with burst pipes. We can also provide you with warranty work, water softeners and remodeling assistance too!

And don’t forget that we take care of the little details. This means that we leave every job site clean and feature unmatched prices and services.

Products and Brands
As accomplished plumbing specialists, we work with the following brands and products:

  • AO Smith
  • American Water Heaters
  • American Standard
  • Noritz

Want us to work with a special brand you’re interested in? We welcome the challenge of working with new and interesting brands and products. So if you want to use new and emerging brands and products, give us a call.  Chances are we’ve already worked with that brand before.

Residential Water Heaters
Here is a little more information on our residential water heaters:

30-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 75- and 100-Gallon Gas and Propane Units
10-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 65-, 80- and 120-Gallon Electric, Upright and Low-Boy Sizes Available
We Also Install All Direct-Vent and Power-Vent Models
(And Many Other Specialty Sizes in Between)

More Information
As an added convenience, we’ve included some additional information on water heaters, so you’re familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of traditional tank water heaters versus tankless water heaters from Noritz.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater
Energy Star Partner
Noritz advanced technology is backed by over 50 years of development.

From the cold water in and hot water out to the exhaust, heat exchanger, burner, flow sensor, fan, gas hookup and computer (the brain), Noritz offers graceful designs and reliable construction with its tankless water-heating system. Plus, it comes with a digital remote and diagnostic tool.

What’s more, the whole system is 82 to 94 percent efficient!

Eliminates energy waste and money wastes (save about 50 percent on your energy costs relative to using a tank water heater and increase your efficiency).
Takes up less space since it is hung on a wall.
Never runs out of hot water.
Minimizes water damage risk since there is no tank.
Does not have a pilot light or standby heat loss.
Does not store and reheat water.
Environmentally friendly (83 to 94 percent efficiency levels).
Majority of the components can be recycled.
Parts can be easily replaced.
Lasts longer and is more durable than tank-type water heaters.

Requires a high initial-cost investment.
Has a minimum flow requirement to activate unit (0.5 GPM).
Since it is an on-demand system, the unit takes a few seconds to activate the burner.
Will not work during power outages (back-up power systems are available).

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

  1. Hot water is turned on in your home.
  2. The tankless unit detects the hot water demand.
  3. The unit’s gas burner is ignited.
  4. The unit’s heat exchanger immediately heats the water to the set temperature.
  5. The hot water exits the tankless unit.

When the hot water is turned off, the unit completely shuts off and uses zero gas.

Tankless Is Green™
Go green!
By eliminating standby heating loss, tankless sources significantly reduce energy consumption. Because of a tankless system's on-demand functionality, you won’t be heating water when out of the house or sleeping. Also, a tankless water heater will last two to three times as long as a traditional water heater, meaning less waste in our landfills!

Traditional Gas Water Heater
This is a simple design that has served countless homes for over a century. The traditional gas heater is still an effective water-heating solution.

From the hot and cold water supply access at the top of the unit (along with the exhaust) to the tank itself, with cold water pooling at the bottom and hot water at the top, it is still a relatively efficient design. In fact, beyond the thermostat, drain valve and burner, all contained inside the unit, there is not much more to a tank water heater.

This is an over 100-year-old technology that has survived the tests of time. However, it’s 60 to 65 percent efficient.

Is a less expensive technology.
Has no minimum flow requirement.

Wastes energy and money (costing money to heat water even when you’re not using hot water).
Takes up valuable space.
Limits your supply of hot water based on the size of the tank.
Potentially can cause thousands of dollars in water damage if the tank leaks.
Is not environmentally friendly (60 to 65 percent efficient, meaning that landfills get piled up with old, bulky tanks).
Parts are not easily repairable or replaceable.
Suffers from rust and sediment inside the tank, along with the risk of legionella bacteria.
Its recommended maintenance requires you to empty the entire tank.
Uses a pilot light, which may ignite and cause an explosion.
Has an eight- to 10-year life expectancy.

How Does a Traditional Gas Water Heater Work?

  1. Cold water enters the water heater’s tank.
  2. The burner heats the water inside the tank and constantly turns on / off to maintain the stored hot water’s temperature, thereby wasting energy.
  3. Hot water exits the tank.

Additionally, once you use between 60 to 70 percent of the stored water, the temperature beings to drop and takes about an hour to recover.

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